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Health+Research Forum, the National Meeting of Pharmaceutical and Biosanitary Research

Farmaforum, is pleased to invite the scientific, academic and industrial community to participate in the First National Meeting of Pharmaceutical and Biosanitary Research, HEALTH + RESEARCH FORUM 2020, to be held on 15 and 16 April 2020, in Ifema (Madrid, Spain), within the FARMAFORUM-LABFORUM Exhibition.

Research will be the central focus of the conferences that will make up the Health+Research Forum, which aims to help better understand the origins and course and treatment of diseases. For two days, experts will analyse the current state of research and the tools for discovering, preventing and treating these illnesses.

As health research becomes increasingly interdisciplinary, the two-day meeting allows researchers to share their latest unpublished findings or learn the newest emerging techniques and applications.

In addition to traditional tools, laboratory equipment is increasingly sophisticated and provides more precise results, which accelerates and improves the work of technicians and scientists. Therefore, HEALTH+RESEARCH FORUM will answer these questions: How do technological innovations impact the way of research? What methodologies are being developed?

Both biotechnology and the development and advances of the 'omics' sciences are revolutionizing laboratories to create future preventive and therapeutic approaches. In this context, the use of terms such as personalized medicine and new technologies for science are the order of the day. In fact, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and digitization, as well as other disruptive innovations, are already rapidly transforming basic and clinical research.

Therefore, understanding and taking advantage of these innovations to maximize the fight against diseases is the ultimate goal of HEALTH+RESEARCH FORUM, a new annual meeting that aims to serve as a reference for both the scientific and research community and the industrial sector to meet and exchange experiences and projects.

Farmaforum Labforum is the leading pharma industry exhibition in Spain. But also for non-Spanish companies the event is the perfect place to take advantage of highest level professionals working in health research and (bio)pharma production and process infrastructure.


More information?

If you are interested in participating in any way in the event please contact our team
Date: 15 and 16 April, 2020
Place: Madrid,SPAIN,Ifema Exhibition Center, Hall 10
Tel: +34 916 308 591
E-mail: -
Entrance to exhibition area and conferences or workshops is free for professionals after previous registration (starting registration in november 2019)

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